Wilnecote Cricket Club is entered into the U10 section of the Tamworth and Lichfield Cricket Development Group’s Clean Hit Aero League.

The aim of the League is to provide a stepping stone for youngsters to progress from Kwik Cricket to Under 11 hardball. We recognise that for some the progression can be difficult and we hope this League will give our young players extra opportunities to play and greater time to learn thereby reducing the numbers who drop out.
The notional age limit for boys is under 10 years of age on 1st September prior to the start of the season. For girls it is under 12 years of age. However these age limits are merely there as guidelines; they will not be strictly enforced and there will be no player registration.
We believe each match should be competitive and scored accurately as this will help our youngsters learn and understand the game. However we do not intend recording individual scores or awarding any winners medals or trophies. There will be no entrance fee.

Fixtures for the 2020 season can be found (quick search 2020 season)  here

The league table can be found here

The Rules are as follows

•    Each team shall consist of 8 players and each innings shall be a maximum of 16 overs.

•    Batsmen will bat in pairs for 4 overs each.

•    No player may bowl more than 3 overs.  If a wicket-keeper is nominated he/she cannot bowl.

•    A side does NOT have to nominate a wicket-keeper. If they do then he/she must wear protective
clothing (helmet gloves and protector) and cannot be changed other than in the case of injury. If
no wicketkeeper is nominated then no player in the team may stand up to the stumps.  Any player
standing back in the line of the stumps may wear gloves.

•    Players are required to wear pads, gloves and a protector when batting and may wear a helmet
if desired.

•    The pitch will be 17 yards in length.

•    Boundaries should be approximately 35 yards.

•    A junior size Aero ball will be used.

•    Each team will start with a score of 200 runs.

•    At the fall of each wicket 5 RUNS will be deducted from the batting team’s score and the
batsmen will change ends.

•    The calling of NO BALLS and WIDES will be as defined by the Laws of Cricket with the exception
that umpires would not be expected to call front foot no balls without first giving the player a
warning (indeed younger players may be encouraged to bowl off 16 yards or less if considered

•    2 runs and no extra ball will be given for a NO BALL or a WIDE except in the final over of the
innings when 2 runs will be awarded AND an extra ball bowled, otherwise runs will be scored as
defined by the Laws of Cricket.

•    Batsmen will not be given out LBW.

•    If a team takes part with less than 8 players the opposing side can nominate which player(s)
will bat twice.

•    Unless stated otherwise, the Laws of Cricket will apply throughout.
Fixtures & Results
•    Matches will be scheduled for Tuesday evenings. To assist with problems of ground
availability, team managers may re-arrange fixtures by mutual consent for anytime in the following
6 days.

•    Team managers are responsible for the organisation of matches and for providing a scorer and
an appropriate scoresheet.

•    Following each game the manager of the winning team will either;

a)  Input the result directly onto the League website at ,

b)  Email the result to Tim Aston at

•    Teams will be awarded 5 points for a win, 4 points for a tie and 2 points for a loss. The
result will be a tie if the net scores are level.

•    If a match is abandoned after starting the teams will be awarded 2 points each. If a match is
cancelled the teams will be awarded 1 point each. If a team concedes a fixture they will be awarded
0 points and the opposition will be awarded 5 points.
February 2019